Barnsley 1 to 1

So this Sunday we have a team going to the Barnsley 1 to 1. Good luck to everyone going and for those interested or just wanting to support the club come along and watch doors open at 9am venue Barnsley metrodome.

Congratulations on passing your grade

Big congratulations to everyone that took the grade on Friday. It was a hard grading but the standard from everyone was outstanding. Special mention to Ben smith for best of grade.

Big thank you to everyone that helped and for those that came to suport the grading

Ross Hinchley and Evan Stapleton, yellow tag.
Eden Crouchley, yellow belt.
Kat Hinchley, Harry johnson Clark and Jake johnson Clark, green tag.
Ben Smith (best of grade), Ayla Wing, Will Hinchley, Harriet Thompson and Jessica Wilson, green belt
Ben Pinto, blue tag.

Up and coming events

Up and coming events.

Grading Friday 24th June 2016 630pm till 830pm

Fighting training Sunday 10th July 10am till 1pm

Competiton Barnsley Sunday 17th July 9am start

Saturday 13th August. Whitby social event all day

Update Competition May 1st 2016


what can we say a another superb competiton hosted by Master Gary SYKES in the DOME DONCASTER.

White Tiger Allstars attended with a great team lead by Master Graham and Gary HARBISHER with backing from some wonderful supporters.

Big thank you to everyone that attended to support the fighters, it was a great day and the team stuck together all day.

Fighters are listed below all had great fights and tried really hard.

Will Hinchley  – won 2 lost 1

Kat Hinchley – lost 1

Ayla Wing – won 1

Ben Smith – lost 2

Ben Pinto – won 2

Abbie Ohagen – won 1 lost 1

Abbie Jenkins – won 1 lost 1

Jake Morrison – won 1 lost 1

Katie Mcquade – won 1 lost 1

Danny faulks – won 1 lost 1

Lee Dixon – won 1

leah Plews – lost 1

Everyone fought really well no matter what the results you did amazing and you should be really proud of yourselves.


Competition Doncaster May 1st

White Tiger allstars Taekwondo.

Have been invited to Doncaster Dome on 1st May 2016 By Master Gary Sykes to enter a friendly competition and training day. This is a great opportunity for all new starters in Taekwondo and anybody interested in the sport side of Taekwondo to give it a go with some excellent instructors and coaches under the British Team.

Master Graham and Gary Harbisher are looking after the team this weekend and White tiger Allstars would like to wish everyone good luck and enjoy your day.


grading update

Wow what can I say. A super standard and high level of martial arts shown at the grading.


Promoted to yellow belt

Ethan mcquade. Kat Hinchley. Jack and Harry Clarke

Promoted to green tag

Ayla wing. Will Hinchley. Ben Smith.  Katie mcquade. Jessica Wilson

Promoted to green belt

Millie Harbisher. Ben Pinto. Rochelle Wing

Promoted to blue belt

Evie Harbisher. Leesha Donachie

Promoted to black tag

Shannon Donachie. Michael Flanangan

Special mention to evie harbisher who was exceptional in all aspects of the grading and awarded best of grade

results from 1-1 in doncaster 6th march

Evie Harbisher won fought really well

Millie Harbisher lost but showed great spirit

Abigail Jenkins won fought really well

Ben Pinto won two fights fought really well

Ben Taylor lost but showed excellent skills

Abbie OHAGEN lost but tried really hard

All fighters fought really well and showed that they are willing to try and learn.

Thanks to everyone that came.and supported the fighters

Well done all.


Sunday 6th March 2016 we will be entering our first competition of the year. Doncaster dome 1 to 1. Good luck to all who is taking part and anybody wishing to watch it starts at 9am. Last year this was a wonderful event looking forward to some great fights.